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Why You Should be Cautious of Airbnb Reviews!

In this day and age we are all being rated on various social media platforms.  We’d like to think that those platforms allow honesty and transparency, however I recently learned that is not the case with Airbnb.

I’ve stayed at quite a few great Airbnb’s but one that I stayed at recently, I was very concerned for my safety and felt the need to incorporate that in my review as a warning for solo (especially females travelling solo) and to my surprise, my post was removed.  The host recently contacted me with a message stating ” Your review has now been removed as it was found to be incorrect and violated all air bnb standards.”

I was completely shocked when I read this because when I composed the review, I was very careful as to not write anything bad about the host as I had no issues with them.  I simply stated exactly the situation and well, low and behold it was removed.  Below is my post which was removed:

” Brian and Emma were great at communicating instructions. Place was disappointing 95% because of the location.  I chose the location because of the proximity to the ICC but the area is sketch! Balcony backs onto walkway which is full of degenerates who are loud and it echoes.  Didn’t feel safe walking through there. Got called at, harassed and followed on the way back to my flat. Inside the main foyer there are postings about recent break-in attempts in the building. The door to the balcony does not lock.  One night the place wreaked of pot. Likely because of one of the neighbors.  The flat inside was clean but bathroom sink clogs and overflows within seconds, only garbage can busted and oh there is a window to the bathroom right off the main walkway so even thought frosted anyone walking by can see you in there! So not private! Decided to shower in the dark. Not comfortable! Internet spotty…had to reboot the router on several occasions.  Would definitely not recommend to any solo traveller (especially female). If more than one person, fantastic place to stay because it is within walking distance to everything.  But as a solo female, I just didn’t feel safe at all and would get a hotel next time.  Seems like this may be typical for any Airbnbs in the area.”

Now does this honest review violate Airbnb’s standards? I surely don’t think so but you can check them out here:

In the past, ok well still present, I ‘ve had an Airbnb host bombard me with inappropriate text messages but I never wrote a bad review because I figure he is drunk and it doesn’t really matter.  But in this instance, I felt that this particular flat I rented in Birmingham UK was simply not safe for female solo travellers like myself and I do not think it is just to be censored.

So next time you’re booking an Airbnb, take those reviews with a grain of salt!

Safe travels!